The Town

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The Town Intro Scene

I am the project manager and leader of Troll House Games. I currently have 9 employees under me that are helping create our first large title called The Town. Most of us started this project when we graduated from college and now we are 2 years in and we are still going strong. I have had to manage my team using productivity software like Slack, Scrum and weekly meetings to hit our deadlines. Beyond managing my team, I am also the lead artist. I have created a vast majority of the environment art, props and our customizable characters. Our Pipeline consists of modeling almost everything in 3DS Max and then creating a high poly in Zbrush so we don't need to do any retopology. We then bake our maps through either Xnormal or Marmoset Toolbag then texture everything in Quixel.

We have all learned a lot working on this project and we are excited to release it to the public in 2019. Stay tuned on our website and through our social media to see more.